About the MAT Toolbox - Mindful Attention Training

MAT™ Fundamentals is a practical introduction to mindful attention designed for secondary students with special educational needs as well as cohorts including youth with a history of trauma. The Fundamentals program is divided into three modules based on the themes of:

  • Attention
  • Balance
  • Care

Each module contains 15 sessions with flexible timing of approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

The key objectives are to introduce the practice of mindful attention through a practical and multi-modal approach with an emphasis on self-awareness, self-regulation and self-resourcing.

Fundamentals is available online as a sub-program of the MAT™ Toolbox. The program materials include:

  • Session notes
  • Recorded audio practices
  • Related resources
  • Teacher notes

In contrast to the Toolbox, the Fundamentals program is not designed to be delivered sequentially. Instead the sessions can be implemented very flexibly in order to accommodate the academic, social and emotional learning needs of different cohorts.

For additional information, please contact MAT directly.


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