About the MAT Toolbox - Mindful Attention Training

The MAT™Toolbox has been designed as a whole-school program for students in years 7-12 to support the progressive building of academic skills, personal capabilities and inner resources.

It has been developed over five years through a process of integrating the latest research together with ongoing refinement based on implementation in a range of environments.

The program is both cost and time efficient and can be delivered by teachers during school hours. 

A video designed to introduce teens to the MAT™ Toolbox and which is based largely on student feedback.  

Overview of the MAT™ Toolbox


 * The terminology 'Inner Focus', 'Other Focus' and 'Outer Focus' is derived from Goleman, Daniel (2013). Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, New York: Harper Collins. 


What you receive:

• Log in Access to the MAT™Toolbox

      Teachers - Access for every teacher to the complete program
      Students - Access for every student to either a single year or all years of the program 

  Health Professionals:
      Personal access to the complete program

• Accessible via:
      Computer, Tablet, iPhone

• Session Notes
      Toolbox outline and instructions
      90 sessions
 in total: 15 sessions for each year 

• Inner Attention Trainings
      90 audio recordings available for streaming
      Accompanying scripts

• Resource Materials
      Additional resources for each session suitable for course extension and/or review

Hardcopy versions of the Toolbox cards can also be purchased separately.

To find out more about how the Toolbox works, click here.



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