Utilising the technique of mindful attention, the MAT™ Toolbox is designed to incrementally develop life skills through discussion, activities and mental training.


Each MAT™ Toolbox session is based on a small component skill and incorporates both conceptual and experiential forms of learning:

MAT Toolbox How it works - Mindful Attention TrainingSession Notes
Concise explanatory notes to provide key information and facilitate class discussion.

Inner Attention Trainings
Short mental focus exercises carefully designed to develop cognitive function and strengthen inner resources.

Each training available as a script and as an audio download.


The pedagogy of the MAT™ Toolbox is Small moments of awareness repeated Often.

This aligns with the latest neuroscientific research which indicates that self-regulatory skills including those associated with attention, emotion, self-representation and pro-social disposition can be trained in much the same way as any other skill. It is through sustained repeated practice that connections are developed and strengthened in the brain.

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A growing body of scientific research indicates mindful attention can:

- develop focus and concentration;
- improve cognitive function;
- assist working memory;
- decrease stress and anxiety;
- enhance positive mental and emotional states;
- facilitate calming; and
- strengthen self-regulation.



The MAT™ Toolbox is a developmental narrative spanning adolescence.
There are 6 structural themes each of which contains 15 sessions:

Year 7: Nuts and Bolts of Attention
- Effort
- Focus
- Growth

Year 8: Character Foundation
- Personal Best
- Balance
- Strength

Year 9: Emotional Framework
- Awareness
- Autonomy
- Resilience

Year 10: Cognitive Windows
- Clarity
- Positivity
- Perspective 

Year 11: Interior Design
- Inner Focus
- Other Focus
- Outer Focus*

Year 12: Building for Beyond
- Management
- Motivation
- Mastery

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* Goleman, Daniel (2013). Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, New York: Harper Collins.


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