In response to the growing demand from schools and organisations to promote well-being in practical as well as time and cost efficient ways, Mindful Attention Training has developed a range of programs: 



• MAT™ Toolbox
(comprehensive course for secondary schools)

• MAT™ Fundamentals   
(practical introduction to mindful attention)

• MAT™ Stress Management  
(for students in Years 11 and 12)

• MAT™ Foundation
(full year course for secondary students) 
• MAT™ Basketball 
(designed specifically for youth basketball players
• MAT™ Sport 
(mental toughness for athletes)

 Each program is designed to be straightforward and easy to deliver in the context of demanding environments.


MAT TOOLBOX programs Toolbox

MAT™ Toolbox and MAT™ Fundamentals

This site is the portal for the MAT™ Toolbox which is an integrated life-skills training for secondary school students. 

For further details see:
About the Toolbox 
How it Works 

Also available through this website is the new MAT™ Fundamentals program designed for secondary students with special educational needs as well as cohorts including youth with a history of trauma. For further details click here.

For additional information on any of the MAT™ programs, please contact us


MAT TOOLBOX programs Stress ManagementMAT™ Stress Management

Target group: year 11 and 12 students. 
Course structure: flexible format based on school schedules but recommended to include 4 workshop sessions (of approximately one hour) preceded by a formal introductory presentation (of approximately 30 minutes). Follow-up sessions, particularly just prior to exams, can also be arranged. 
Key objectives: to support students to strengthen concentration and effectively manage the stress of demanding workloads and assessments. 
Implementation: generally offered to students on an 'opt-in' basis and delivered by a trained facilitator. This course was offered by Murdoch University during its WACE Preparation week for year 12 students. The course was funded by MAP4U through a Federal grant (Department of Education and Training) and received very positive feedback. 

MAT TOOLBOX programs Basketball SportMAT™ Basketball

Target group: adolescent and young adult basketball players. 
Course structure: this program has been developed in collaboration with Skyplay Academy and is fully accessible online. For further information and to visit the MAT™ Basketball website click here


MAT TOOLBOX programs FoundationMAT™ Foundation

Target group: secondary students
Course structure: 3 parts with each part containing 8 sessions of approximately 15 minutes. The course is designed to be delivered once a week across 3 terms.
Key objectives: to give students a foundation understanding of mindful attention and to support its integration in daily life particularly in regards to managing stress and cultivating attention, resilience and well-being.
Materials: Teachers’ Notes and Student Manual (recordings of Inner Attention Trainings also available).
Part 1: Introduction to mindful attention and how we can use it as tool to strengthen concentration and manage stress.
Part 2: How mindful attention can support emotional awareness and self-regulation.
Part 3: How we can use mindful attention to defuse from unhelpful thoughts and cultivate confident and optimistic thinking.
Description: The sessions are highly experiential and include information, discussion and practical activities. Each session also includes an Inner Attention Training designed to strengthen awareness and concentration as well as promote positive mental and emotional states.
The program is grounded in the latest research for youth with increasing evidence of the benefits of mindful attention particularly in regards to academic skills and well-being.


MAT TOOLBOX programs sportMAT™ Sport

Target group: adolescent and adult athletes.
Course structure: flexible format which can be adapted to meet the needs of athletes of different ages and abilities in a range of sports.
Key objectives: to develop mental toughness and support optimum performance. The emphasis of the program is for athletes to:
• develop concentration and focus;
• manage performance stress;
• self-regulate arousal levels;
• support recovery; and
• strengthen positive mental and emotional states.
Like all MAT™ programs, the sessions are designed to impart relevant information as well as strengthen key skills. In many different sports, mindful attention is increasingly being utilised as a way of developing focus and optimising performance. MAT™ Sport provides athletes the opportunity to understand and effectively integrate mindful attention in both training and competition.

 For additional information on any of the MAT™ programs, please contact us


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