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Comments by students about the MAT™ programs.

MAT TOOLBOX testimonialsMindful attention:
- helps my concentration and focus
- is calming and relaxing
- increases confidence
- helps me study more efficiently
- is good before and during exams to stop panicking
- improves performance
- helps you do better and feel optimistic
- makes you more aware of yourself and others
- helps me control my feelings of anger better
- lets me avoid negative thought patterns
- helps me sleep
- feels refreshing with a clearer mind
- collectively changes the atmosphere of a place
- maximises sport performance
- gives me peace of mind

The large variety of techniques for relaxing, energising, calming etc. means that I can now tackle any challenge that comes my way.

Mindfulness is a useful strategy to help manage fear, stress and anxiety whilst boosting our abilities to be motivated and focused for a time. Mindfulness can help to be an effective coping strategy for hard times and help boost productivity during the good ones.

MAT is really helpful in sharpening my mind.

When I am stressed or worried, I stop and use MAT to calm down and feel good about myself.

MAT has helped me to be able to complete tasks and study more efficiently.

I use MAT to calm down when I am nervous or stressed before and during tests.

MAT has helped me being aware of my emotions and acknowledging the positive qualities in me.

I am now more aware of when I’m getting stressed and not focusing as I should be to complete the task at hand. And the methods of coping with this stress and refocusing my attention have helped.

It helps me stop worrying and makes me feel better about situations.

Whenever I get frustrated I can use mindful attention to help reset myself. It helps me to refocus positively.

MAT calms you down and prevents you from raging too much at yourself or your friends because you can stop and think about what you are doing before you let your emotions take over and do something you regret.

I am recognising my emotions and stopping them from “controlling” my actions.

When I am angry and upset with people I close my eyes and breathe. This helps me because I name my emotions which makes them more manageable.

Mindfulness supplied me with tools that are simple yet effective in regards to a variety of issues including: sleeping patterns, motivation, procrastination and focus.

MAT helps me to control stress and embrace my strengths.

I found it very interesting and enjoyed it very much.


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